PSI Seminars Co-Founder Jane C. Willhite Talks About First Day – Last Day.

It seems as though everyone is short on time during the holidays. There are more errands to run, people to visit, and items to check off the to-do list than any other time of year. Time is your most precious commodity. You are only given so much, and yet nobody knows how much they have. What if today was the first day of your life? What if today was the last day?

This holiday season, skip the overwhelm and instead, enjoy the balance, harmony, and satisfaction that can be experienced by living First Day/Last Day. One of the most powerful concepts taught in the Basic Seminar, First Day/Last Day, can support you in living from “want to” rather than “have to” and finding peace and joy in the most important time: NOW.

Break free from your past, live fully in your present, and create a fulfilling future: First Day/Last Day.