PSI Seminars Area Director Renee Cermak Talks About Confidence and Self-Esteem

Your confidence and self-esteem are made up of your beliefs about who you are, what you are capable of, and how you value yourself. Nothing is more important than how you feel and think about yourself. Your level of self-esteem affects your happiness and everything you do. You are going to take you and your self-esteem everywhere you go for the rest of your life……every relationship, business deal, exercise class, and vacation.

Just as being physically fit isn’t the result of one trip to the gym, being confident and having a high self-esteem is developed over time with consistent effort. Your confidence either increases or decreases each day with every choice you make and every action you take.

  • Develop small habits that lead to big results.
  • Find out why your vote is the only one that matters.
  • Learn why you should sweat the small stuff.

Increasing your self-esteem takes practice and commitment. When you recognize the importance of feeling good about yourself, building your self-worth and confidence can become a priority in your life.