PSI Seminars Facilitator Tim O’Kelley Talks About Leadership

What do Oprah, Steve Jobs, and Henry Ford have in common? They’re all world changing leaders…who were told they wouldn’t succeed! Being an effective leader begins with being a leader of self.

Learn how you can transform your beliefs about failure, find the messages in your mistakes, and turn obstacles into opportunities. When you are ready to take responsibility for the results in your life and unleash your personal power, you’re ready to step into leadership.

  • Uncover your style of leadership and learn the habits you can develop to create the results you want.
  • Discern your inner voice from the limiting beliefs and self-talk that may be holding you back
  • Learn what traits are consistent among effective leaders that could support you in living a more purposeful and peaceful life

Leadership begins with being a leader of self, following your inner wisdom and accepting responsibility for your results. Once you master this, it will only be natural that others will want to follow your lead!