PSI Seminars Facilitator Tim O’Kelley Talks About the Screen of the Mind

Unlocking the Screen of the Mind…   If you have ever been challenged with unlocking the Screen of the Mind process and creating what it is that you desire, or even if you have used this tool with ease in the past, this call can open up more possibility and opportunity for you.   In this powerful message presented by Tim O’Kelley we were reminded that “We are already connected to the things we want right NOW”. As soon as we decide and see it in our mind we are connected to it. The next step to ensure we obtain that thing is to believe and to feel that we already have it. “You have to own it before you will own it”.   Napoleon Hill said, “What the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. This is the foundation of the Screen of the Mind and Tim explores the step-by-step process to achieve what you desire. If you did not have an opportunity to join us for the live call, give yourself a gift and listen to the podcast over and over again. You may just find that nugget of truth that will assist you in mastering this process.